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Surveillance Training Course Online

Course Aims

The subject of Surveillance is a vast subject and in examining the Types and History and Fundamental Causes of business disruption which will vary with each scenario. m We are therefore going to present a series of presentations summarising the main research documents but at the same time adding to the research documents for further reading. The nature of some of the subjects are highly secretive and as such our approach will not outline pure details only generalisations and principles, and where we deem it to be necessary it will be withheld for the sake of security. The Training Course provided by Training House co uk Ltd is ONLINE and a high impact training course. The course has been designed to deliver worthwhile refresher content within a reasonable time frame that staff can allocate to such training. It is available as an online course with much more information for the topics outlined, it is a valued asset to any company to raise awareness of threats to a business or community. *

    Topics are as follows:

    *Types of Terrorism

    *The History of Terrorism

    *Dry Run Video


    *The Wheel of Terror

    *7 Signs

    *Personnel Profiling

    *Surveillance Tips and Techniques

    *The Chosen Street

    *Multi-Choice Quiz

    Online Course

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    Course Price: 85.00